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Discover Uganda safari: 9 days luxury tour

Gorilla trekking, Chimps trekking, Game-drive and Boat-cruise

Birding Safaris in Uganda


Tour Uganda Safari, 10 Days

Highlights: Chimps trekking, Game-drives, Boat-cruises, Safari walk and Rhino sanctuary National

Uganda Safari, 8 Days

Highlights: Chimps trekking, Game-drives, Boat-cruises and Safari walk National Parks included: Murchison

Lake Mburo National Park, 2 Days

Highlights: Game-drives and Safari walk National Parks included: Lake Mburo NP Day

Queen Elizabeth Safari, 4 Days

Drive, Boat-cruise and Chimps trekking National Parks included: Queen Elizabeth NP

Gorilla trekking, 3 Days

Highlights: Gorilla trekking National Parks included: Bwindi Impenetrable NP Day 1 -

Murchison Falls Safari, 3 Days

Highlights: Game-drive, Boat-cruise and Rhino sanctuary National Parks included: Murchison Falls NP

Uganda Wildlife Educational Center & Entebbe, One Day

This tour package gives you a one day excursion to
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Central Uganda Destinations
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Eastern Uganda Destinations
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Northern Uganda Destinations
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Western Uganda Destinations

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Tour Reviews


Queen Elizabeth Safari, 4 Days

Queen Elizabeth National Park is b far the best destination. I find the park’s richness in wildlife quite unequaled, coupled with the multiple lakes in this South Western part of Uganda. Above all, I loved the friendliness and awareness of the guides. Just topnotch.


Gorilla trekking, 3 Days

Wow! The Gorilla trekking is worth every moment. The environment and scenery at Bwindi Impenetrable national park are just awe amazing.