6 Reasons To Visit Uganda

1. The People

People in Uganda are friendly, open and curious with a great sense of fun. They are always happy to see people travelling in their country and they will wave, smile and always remain welcoming. Ugandans also have a great sense of humor whether it is in the Capital Kampala, in the Eastern town of Jinja or in the South Western towns of Kasese and Fort portal.

2. The lush green vegetation

If you think that everything south of the Sahara is arid, yellow and dry, you are wrong! Uganda is endowed with lush luxurious forests and jungles whose experiences cannot be traded for anything.

The lush and luxurious jungle which mainly comprise of the rainforest is replaced by banana, tea and coffee plantations around the villages making the long drives exciting and unique. These rain forests like Bwindi impenetrable forest features more than 1,000 flowering plant species and almost 200 different types of trees, many of which are endemic.

It is no wonder that this precious ecosystem is home to an incredible variety of birds, butterflies and mammal species including some of the rarest animals on the planet.

3. Wildlife

Uganda has plenty of wildlife. For example Uganda is one of the three countries that offer gorilla trekking in the whole world, with almost half the number of mountain gorillas still surviving in the world. These live in Mgahinga National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Coupled with other animals in various national parks, for example lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park and Kidepo Valley National Park, cheetahs in Kidepo Valley, elephants is either Queen Elizabeth or Murchison Falls  and Zebras in Lake Mburo National Park make Ugandan a very highly sought after wildlife hub.

4. Water

Lakes, waterfalls, channels; the water element is prevalent in the Ugandan landscape which even features the source of the mighty Nile. Apart from allowing the lush vegetation to survive, this precious element adds to the beauty of the scenery, makes the activities on offer varied and exciting and is the habitat for many species that otherwise wouldn’t be able to survive.

5. Conservation 

Gorillas are endangered creatures and the only way of helping them to survive is to get involved! A gorilla permit is not cheap but the experience is worth every penny. By purchasing one you will be contributing to the survival of these marvelous primates and the conservation of their rainforest home.

6. Chimpanzees

Although the gorilla trek is a major highlight, when it comes to outstanding moments, Uganda’s chimpanzee trek is equally exceptional. Kibale National Park, Uganda’s home of the chimpanzees boasts the highest concentration of primates in all of Africa. Its thirteen species include black-and-white colobus monkeys and impish grey-cheeked mangabeys. On a day-long Chimpanzee Habituation Experience, you can follow a troop of whooping and hollering chimps as they swing through the forest, gathering in the treetops to play, doze or feast on figs.

The chimp trek is a fantastic experience and is quite different from the gorilla trek as it involves being very vigilant and fast to understand where the chimps are and how to find them.



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